Saturday, January 8, 2011

Can;t Get Any Sleep? Dealing With Insomnia

Sleeplessness is a problem suffered by millions of people worldwide. So if you've been tossing and turning night after night, asking yourself why you "can't get no sleep", you are not alone.

Inability to sleep is known is insomnia. It is a very common problem, but only a few people seek proper medical treatment. Generally speaking, most people don't take sleeping disorders very seriously. They believe that not being able to sleep is a problem that they can handle on their own.

They end up trying to tough it out for weeks or months, perhaps trying some over-the-counter remedies from time to time. Their sleep deficit continues to build up and sleep deprivation increases their irritability and anxiety. Finally, when they can't take it any longer, they go to their doctor and practically demand a prescription for sleeping pills.

This predictable behavior provides profits to the pharmaceutical industry the rate of several billion dollars every year. Although people may think that they have fixed the problem, they're actually causing harm to their bodies. The drug themselves to sleep every night and then spend half of the next day struggling to wake up.

Regular, long-term use of sleeping medications can have a negative effect on your sleep cycle. In essence, your body forgets how to fall asleep naturally. You begin to rely upon the pill and truly believe that you can't get to sleep without it. If you try to stop taking sleeping pills, your insomnia will return with full force.

The problem with treating insomnia by taking prescription sleep medications is that it doesn't provide a cure. Insomnia is actually a symptom. It is your body's way of naturally informing you that something is wrong. Either there is a physical problem that needs to be addressed, or you have some lifestyle choices that need to be changed. If you're struggling through a period where you can't get no sleep, your first step is to figure out why?

Once you know why you have insomnia, you should have a good idea how to treat it. If there's a physical problem, then you can deal with that. If there are choices you're making that cause your sleeplessness, then you can start a new bedtime routine. If you still need help falling asleep, there are many natural remedies that work without the harmful side effects of prescription medications.

Wondering why you can't get no sleep? Don't ignore the problem and don't throw sleeping pills at the problem. Instead, find out more about insomnia, what could be causing it and how you can cure it naturally.

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